77 minutes | Nov 12, 2020

Dena Fisher | Home Cook and Founder of Dinner In

Thank you for tuning into another episode of Muse Room Table! I am so happy that you are here, whether you’re returning, or just joining us. This is a community for cooking and food enthusiasts whether you’re a professional restaurant chef, home cook, or simply cooking curious. This place is for you! In this episode of Muse Room Table, I am talking to Dena Fisher. I first met her at The Cleveland Flea when she catered lunch at a co-working event I attended. Since then I have followed her journey online and we have slowly become Instagram pals. She is a genuine and cheerful gal who loves good food, and is passionate about providing it to her family and friends. For Dena, cooking isn’t just about mastering the perfect crispy chicken thigh and it’s not all about the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt you may or may not have in your pantry. While we talk about both of those things during this episode in grave detail, cooking for Dena is about bringing people together, whether that’s at your family table, or over Zoom. For her, food is about creating community. In this episode, I hope you get a taste for that community that Dena refers to. We talk about so much: Her inspiration from seasonal foods Her obsession with a good “matchstick” cut (knife cuts really can change the texture of your food which will in turn change your eating experience!) Her first memory in the kitchen How cooking with her grandparents and parents has influenced her cooking today How food brings people together Fridge and pantry staples that Dena always has on hand How people can become more comfortable in the kitchen Her tried and true process for a perfect crispy chicken thigh Why Dena started Dinner In and how Covid-19 has impacted it in recent months And much more! I also ask her some fun quick-fire questions and she shares all about this episode’s recipe! If you'd like to get the full recipe for Dena's Braised Chicken with White Wine and Garlic, head over to www.museroom.space. To connect with Dena, find her on Instagram @denas_table and on her website, www.denastable.com. To connect with Katie, find her on Instafram @museroomtable. Thank you SO much for tuning into this episode! If you enjoy this podcast, will you please leave a review on Apple Podcasts? Reviews are one of the best ways to support the podcast because they give potential listeners the gentle nudge they need to tune in. Thank you for your support and we shall talk again on the next episode of Muse Room Table.
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