87 minutes | Apr 5, 2019

(31) Alexis and Gia of Creative Babes Cleveland

Today's episode is a long one and it is a good one. This week's muses are Gia and Alexis, the leaders of Creative Babes Cleveland. I met up with them both for coffee back in October because I was curious about what they were doing and I immediately felt a connection towards them. Since that coffee date I attended two of the Creative Babes Cleveland events and I really just can't get enough. It's like a sleep over but for adults...and without the sleeping over. Words that I think of when I think of hanging out at Creative Babes are cozy, warm, gooey and magical. If you haven't been to one I highly recommend it. I was filled with so many good feelings when they both agreed to come and chat with me on the podcast. We ended up meeting up at Alexis's house on a Sunday morning and it was very on brand. Cozy and magical. We sat on the couch, drank coffee and chatted all things Creative Babes. I'm so excited for you to hear our conversation. Enjoy! Some of the things we talk about in the conversation are: -How Gia and Alexis met and how they fell in friendship love -How Creative Babes was born and how they got the idea to bring it to Cleveland -What it is like being a creative, trying to figure out what you want to do with your life...the options are endless! -Their current inspiration -What it is like working with your best friend -Female friendship AND MORE If you would like to connect with Gia and Alexis here's how: -Follow Creative Babes Cleveland on Instagram -Follow Alexis on Instagram -Follow Gia on Instagram -Check out the Website Connect with me: -Follow me on Instagram -Check out my website -Send an email to museroompodcast@gmail.com -I am booking clients for podcast management. Claim your spot here. -I am also launching an 8 week program called the Podcast Starter Pack. If you have been dreaming of having your own podcast, claim your spot now! Learn more about the program here. Support our sponsors: -Save 20% on your first order with Jar Goods by visiting www.jargoods.com/museroom and use the code MUSE ROOM at check out. -Save 15% on your order with Free Period Press by going to www.freeperiodpress.myshopify.com and use the code MUSE at check out. If this podcast brings value and inspiration to your life, please consider leaving a review. Your support means the world! Thank you for listening!
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