43 minutes | Mar 15, 2019

(29) Part Two with Janae Bryson, Founder of Auden & Company

And we are back with part two! In part two of my conversation with Janae we dig into how her business got started. She gives us some advice on branding and tells us about her newest project, Creatively Stocked. If you haven't listened to part one go back and listen before you tune into part two! In part two of Episode 29 we talk about: -What she liked so much about branding when she was first starting out -All of the elements that go into creating a brand -Why she named her business Auden & Company -What small business beginners should focus on when creating their brand Janae offers free resources on her website. Find them here. Connect with Janae: -Personal Instagram -Auden & Company on Instagram -Creatively Stocked -Website Connect with me: -Instagram -Website -E-mail me at museroompodcast@gmail.com Do you want to start a podcast? We are launching a Podcast Starter Pack. Find more information here. Does this podcast resonate with you? Please consider leaving a review. It would mean the world to me! Thanks for listening!
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