52 minutes | Mar 14, 2019

(29) Janae Bryson, Founder of Auden & Company Part One

Welcome back to the podcast! I left you guys for a week and I was actually really down about it. This week I am back with a conversation I had with Janae Bryson. Janae is an incredibly intelligent and successful woman and she is ONLY 25! I am always in complete awe of what she does. We had this conversation about a week and a half ago and guys, you're going to love it. It was actually such a long conversation that I decided to break it up into two parts. In the first part you will hear about what is inspiring Janae currently and we dig DEEP into her adoption story. I am so grateful that Janae was willing to share her story with us and she was incredibly vulnerable and open throughout the entire conversation. In Part One of this episode we talk about:     -How the thought of never working for anyone else inspires her to go full force into her business     -How she is so inspired by Lady Noel Designs and how that makes her want to start painting again     -Setting boundaries and how she makes time for herself while running a full time business     -How she breaks her childhood down into two parts- Pre Adoption and Post Adoption     -How adoption was her second chance And SO MUCH MORE How to connect with Janae:     -Auden & Company website     -Janae on Instagram     -Auden & Company on Instagram     -Creatively Stocked on Instagram Connect with me:      -Instagram      -Website      -E-mail: museroompodcast@gmail.com If this episode resonated with you somehow please consider leaving a review. It would mean the world to me! Thank you for listening!
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