67 minutes | Apr 2, 2018

Emily Meehan, Dirty John’s daughter | Murderish Episode 010

In this episode of Murderish, I interview John Meehan’s (AKA Dirty John) oldest daughter, Emily Meehan. For those who are unfamiliar, Dirty John is a wildly popular podcast that covers a crazy, true crime that occurred in Orange County California. Please listen to the Dirty John podcast before listening to this episode of Murderish. Emily was just five years old when her parents divorced.  In true Dirty John fashion, John Meehan left his family and drained their bank account, leaving Tonia Bales (his wife at the time, and Emily’s mother) with only $23 to support herself and their two daughters. In this interview, Emily opens up about her life with, and without, John Meehan. She also gives great insight into how John was as a father. Emily and I talked about the half sister she has as a result of one of John Meehan’s affairs. She also spoke about the medical condition John had, which caused his organs to be ineligible to donate after he died. Emily is a lot like her mom. She’s strong, smart and driven. Emily will soon graduate from Augusta University with a degree in nursing. I’m especially excited about interviewing Emily because she and her sister, Abby, were not emphasized much in the Dirty John podcast or the Dateline episode featuring this story. We haven’t yet heard Emily’s perspective on this story, until now. Please visit Emily’s YouTube channel by searching Em&Dex. MURDERISH now has a Patreon page! If you’d like to support the Podcast, and get special perks in exchange, click here: www.patreon.com/murderish    Follow MURDERISH on social media:Facebook: MURDERISH Podcast https://www.facebook.com/groups/540494462961219/         Twitter: @MurderishPod https://twitter.com/MurderishPodSend comments and inquiries to: MurderishJami@gmail.comMURDERISH merch now available at two online stores (t-shirts, mugs & other cool stuff):Threadless online store https://murderishpodcast.threadless.com/TeePublic online store http://tee.pub/lic/-c0zMWCpN-IPodcast Promos: Eye for an Eye & Strictly Homicide podcasts (subscribe, rate & review!)Episode Sponsors:Lawn Kings | Synthetic Grass: www.lawnkingsinc.com (tell them Jami from Murderish sent you!)Freshly | Go to freshly.com/Podcast for $25 off your first order!This episode was Edited, Mixed and Mastered by John Bukenas of Audio Editing Solutions www.audioeditingsolutions.com. Need a great audio editor? John B. is your guy!Intro/Outro music in this episode: Paul Fitzgerald “jenuflec.” Contact Paul at weydebway@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested in working with him to create music for your podcast …or any project!

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