117 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

Round Table #1 with David Tracy of Jalopnik - Bronco vs. Wrangler and Much More!

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation between Sandy Munro - CEO of Munro & Associates, David Tracy - Sr. Technical Editor of Jalopnik, & Kevin Harty - Consultant at Munro & Associates. The accompanying video for this episode can be found at the official MunroLive YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/em7FzqzAmFMCheck out more of David Tracy below:https://jalopnik.com/author/David_Tracyhttps://twitter.com/davidntracyhttps://www.instagram.com/davidntracy\Timestamps:0:05 Introductions / Jalopnik-Munro relationship2:17 Branch out for Munro Live / Other Products5:20 Beginning of Bronco / Wrangler Discussion8:30 Bronco Removable Doors & Cowl Mounted Mirrors10:39 Factory 35’s vs 33’s, Sasquatch package, Tire Package Considerations13:46 SORB Tusks For Crash Safety / F150, Raptor, Bronco15:28 Rear Chassis Discussion / Tow Hooks / Recovery19:13 IFS / Solid Axle / Air Shocks27:07 Grand Cherokee Off-Roading Anecdote & Jeep Commander Hot Take29:31 Jeep's Flag pole vs. Ford's Flag Pole32:02 Brief Engine Discussion33:57 Front Suspension / Control Arm Discussion35:31 Front axle housing discussion37:31 Rear Axle / Track Bar discussion40:17 Ford, Tesla, Twitter, and What about GM?46:29 Pushrod V8 Sparks Wide Ranging Engine Discussion52:37 Bronco May Bring Lay Person into the Off-Road world54:30 JT/JL Discussions Both Good & Bad1:02:10 Sandy Story / Offroading - Manual vs Automatic1:06:34 Dave's Manual Transmission Opinion1:07:49 Bronco Gearing Discussion1:11:14 Bronco Design / Aesthetics / Raptor Version / Bolt-On Quarter Panels1:16:11 Transition to EV's / Tesla / Rivian / Electric Jeep1:25:40 Sandy & Dave’s thoughts on Hybrids/PHEV's1:30:47 Dave's Recent Jeep Purchase / Large BOF vehicle discussion / BMW i31:38:26 Ford Whiz Kids / Elon Musk selling Tesla Technology to other companies1:41:16 Thoughts on VW ID3, Electric Motors, Blackberry, & Owning Profound Knowledge 1:44:06 Purchasing major supplier components / Ford-Yamaha SHO Engine Discussion1:45:33 The Battery Pack Cost Dilemma / Poor Leadership Discussion1:48:57 Final Thoughts on Bronco Execution & Complexity of Bronco Interior1:52:08 Sandy’s comments on a Past Bronco being canceled & Harold "Red" PolingSupport the show (https://munrolive.com/access-%2F-shop)
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