73 minutes | Jun 27, 2021

MWH 285 : “Word Of Mouth Is Everything” Marketing Tips with Lorinska Merrington

MWH 285 : “Word Of Mouth Is Everything” Marketing Tips with Lorinska Merrington In this week’s podcast, I am joined by Australian TV personality and business woman, Lorinska Merrington! You may know her from candid reality series ‘Yummy Mummies’ on Netflix or you may have downloaded the pregnancy and preconception app she co-owns called ‘Bub.app’.On this episode, we’re chatting very candidly about mum life, goal-setting, business, and her top marketing tips: “Word of mouth is everything!” LISTEN NOW Listen to this episode to learn: Lorinska’s tip for overcoming mum guilt when it creeps upLorinska’s goal-setting techniques (hint - she puts pen to paper)How to move through setbacks and challenges in businessHer top marketing tips regardless of your niche or industry (Looking for more marketing tips? Here are 3 breakthrough online marketing strategies you can use right now. Read here>>>) Ladies, the topics of mindset and resilience also came up in my conversation with Lorinska. Here’s a journal prompt for you: Where are you holding onto? Past challenges, mistakes, frustrations, missed opportunities, or disappointments?Where are you holding onto that in your business? Cause it’s time to let it go, girlfriend! There are so much more to be experienced by you in your business if you can go out of it and keep moving forward.This episode is proudly sponsored by my Social Method Society. It’s a membership and a community where I teach mums how to turn their Instagram followers into customers without the overwhelm. If you'd like to join us, head to socialmethodsociety.com and pop your name down on the waitlist. I will send you an invitation to join when we open our doors next.Until next week, stay happy in your hustle. CONNECT WITH LORINSKA Website: www.shoproyale.comInstagram: @lorinska / @royalebylorinska / @bub.appFacebook: www.facebook.com/royalebylorinska CONNECT WITH ME Web: www.mumswithhustle.comFacebook: @mumswithhustleInstagram: @mumswithhustleTwitter: @MumsWithHustleBiz Club: MWH Biz Club LOVE THE MUMS WITH HUSTLE PODCAST? Okay, mama! I'm going to give it to you straight, 'cause you know that's what I'm about. Podcast reviews are super important to iTunes and the more reviews we receive the more likely iTunes will reward us with better reach.I want to reach more hustling mamas that can add extreme value to our kick-ass tribe. Help a sister, out? I already love you forever, but I’d be extremely grateful if you would review me on iTunes!If you've loved this podcast, never miss another one! All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to the Mums With Hustle Podcast on iTunes.
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