53 minutes | Jun 10th 2018

MWH 135 : WTF is GDPR with Shalini Nandan-Singh of Legally Shalini

WTF is GDPR There is so much information circling the depths of the internet covering the do's and don'ts of GDPR, legals, and email marketing... A lot of the time that information can actually be wrong and a lot of biz owners end up feeling misinformed and unsure what to do next. With a hundred questions filling your head and all the craziness surrounding GDPR, I had to bring on an expert lawyer onto the podcast to give us the true low-down about the legalities surrounding your business and email list. LET'S GET INTO IT This week's episode is one I've wanted to bring to you for awhile. We're touching on things like legals, which I know is totally not sexy, but definitely something I get asked a lot about! Today's guest is Shalini Nandan-Singh. Shalini is a community-minded, contract loving lawyer with over fifteen years experience. She enjoys empowering small business owners to build confidence and understanding around their legal requirements. It’s not just about contracts and agreements, or finding and closing every possible loophole to keep your business ‘safe’. It’s about empowerment! During this episode, Shalini is going to chat with us all about GDPR, what it is, what you need to know, and her best tips and strategies to grow your email list the right (and legal!) way. Let's give a huge welcome to Shalini! THE RECAP I knew I had to get this episode recorded for you bizmums as soon as possible with the new GDPR laws changing. I'm here to stop your head from spinning! This episode is jam-packed with a lot of digestible information regarding the legalities surrounding your biz. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes! 1. Introducing Shalini! Shalini is absolutely incredible! I've been working with Shalini on the legals for Mums With Hustle, and it has been such a relief having an expert help guide my business in the right and legal direction. Today, she's bringing you some trusted advice! Key Points We Discussed: Who is Shalini Nandan-Singh? What is Shalini's biz journey? How did Shalini found Legally Shalini? 2. GDPR Seriously, though - what even is GDPR?! There are a ton of blogs, YouTube videos, courses, and lectures popping up to discuss GDPR; however, you and I both know, girlfriend, that information can get misconstrued as it travels down the grapevine. I had to pick Shalini's brain about GDPR, so we get the truth once and for all. Key Points We Discussed: What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulations If you have an online business and website you need to be compliant with the GDPR What are the main things biz owners need to know if they are just starting out with email marketing? Create a privacy policy that is compliant with the GDPR requirements Ensure your privacy policy is linked to all of your privacy notices or statements on all of your email marketing procedures 3. Managing Your Existing Subscriber List Managing your existing subscriber list is a must-do with these new regulation laws. So, where should you start? Shalini is giving her best advice to help you manage your current list! Key Points We Discussed: Should a bizmum contact their subscribers? How should a mum update their policies? What does a bizbabe with an established list and website need to do to become compliant? You need to replace your existing Privacy Policy with a GDPR compliant one drafted for your biz Take a look at your email list and segment EU addresses Send your EU subscribers your updated privacy policy and ask them to opt back in 4. Your Email List Opt-Ins Utilising opt-ins and freebies to grow your email list is HUGE. In this section, Shalini is going to go over how to fix your opt-ins so they're legal and good-to-go! Key Points We Discussed: How should a bizmum word their opt-ins, if they plan on contacting them again? The difference between a compliant and non-compliant opt-in? 5. Your Legals My tribe consists of three main groups of business owners - ecommerce rockstars,...
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