34 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

Refusing to be a wife with Sociologist and Coach Jo Van Every (Part 2)

Oriana continues her conversation with sociologist and coach Jo Van Every who wrote the book Refusing to be a wife: Heterosexual women changing the family.  In the previous episode, Oriana spoke with Van Every at length about the personal choices she has made to live up to her feminist values in the domestic sphere, informed by her research into anti-sexist living arrangements. Their conversation continues here with Van Every explaining her views on the Tories; the pandemic; homeschooling; doggy daycare; and the ways in which her ethos informs her work as a coach. In this way, they explore the space between personal agency and structural contexts, and while Van Every recognises the need for wider structural change,  she asserts that we do not need to wait for them to happen for things to be better.  Oriana Fox is an artist with a PhD in self-disclosure. She puts her expertise to work as the host of the talk show performance piece The O Show.Jo Van Every is a feminist sociologist; an academic writing coach; a parent (to a grown kid) and a partner to her unmarried spouse of thirty years. Credits:Hosted, edited and produced by Oriana FoxPost-production mixing by Stacey HarveyThemesong written and performed by Paulette HumanbeingSpecial thanks to Katie Beeson, Janak Patel, Sven Olivier Van Damme and the Foxes and Hayeses. Would you like to see your name in the credits list? In a couple of short steps, you can make that happen by supporting this podcast via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/orianafox
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