74 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

50 Tinder dates with Indrani Ashe, artist and unconventional woman

Curious about heterosexual dating habits in the age of the internet? Want to hear about it from the perspective of a feminist artist? Look no further! Oriana speaks with artist Indrani Ashe whose project 50 Dates of Grey documented her search for a man to spend her life with, to marry in fact, via online dating platforms. Unbeknownst to the men Indrani was seeing, she kept a blog under the pseudonym Unconventional Woman where she critiqued and vented about her experiences. Gossiping about this project with Oriana for this podcast six years later, having found love and steady employment, Indrani throws into sharp relief the economics of desire and the way that shame functions as a tool for social control.  Dr Oriana Fox is a London-based, New York-born artist with a PhD in self-disclosure. She puts her expertise to work as the host of the talk show performance piece The O Show .Indrani Ashe is a US-born, Goldsmiths-educated, Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist of  Bengali and white American descent whose practice speaks to the experience of the body as a political vessel, wresting the narrative from hegemonical structures. Her project 50 Dates of Grey earned mainstream press coverage from outlets such as Grazia, The Daily Mail and The Mirror bringing her blog 31,000 views to date.  It was also exhibited as a multimedia installation at Exgirlfriend Gallery in Berlin as a part of You Look Like An Advert for Yourself (2017) and the exhibition & I<3U2 at Galeria Studio in Warsaw. Ashe is also the founder of the Berlin Diaspora Society and cofounder of The Golden Brown Girls Video Collective.  Her work has been shown internationally with exhibitions at  the South Asia Institute- Chicago, Galeria Studio-Warsaw, SOMA Art Space - Berlin, Root Division- San Francisco, El Segundo Museum of Art- El Segundo California, Graft Projects- Lancaster UK, Somerset House- London, Art 511 Mag- New York, Galerie Futura- Berlin and Queens Museum- New York. Credits:Hosted, edited and produced by Oriana FoxPost-production mixing by Stacey HarveyThemesong written and performed by Paulette HumanbeingSpecial thanks to Althea Greenan, Katie Beeson, Janak Patel, Sven Olivier Van Damme and the Foxes and Hayeses. Would you like to see your name in the above credits list? In a couple of short steps, you can make that happen by supporting this podcast via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/orianafox
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