6 minutes | Feb 11, 2019

What comes first Rent Roll and T12 or POF and LOI?

 On today's episode you learn what comes first the T12 and Rent Roll or POF (Proof Of Funds) and LOI(Letter Of Intent) Multifamily investing can be a complicated topic join Roddrick Jones, the CEO and Co Founder of R Jones Capital as he simplifies multifamily investing so that anyone can understand it If you want to earn better returns on your money, learn about apartment investing, or get to know the CEO and Co Founder of R Jones Capital, this podcast is for you. Hit that subscribe button, and rate this podcast. We love to hear your feedback and we want to continue to make every episode better. Contact Host Instagram: @RoddrickJones Facebook Group: Multifamily Mondays Instagram: @multifamilymondays
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