11 minutes | Aug 16, 2018

Is An Apartment Building A Good Investment?

Multifamily investing can be a complicated topic Join Roddrick Jones, the CEO and Co Founder of R Jones Capital as he simplifies multifamily investing so that anyone can understand it If you want to earn better returns on your money, learn about apartment investing, or get to know the CEO and Co Founder of R Jones Capital, this podcast is for you. On today's episode we dive into Is an apartment building a good investment? The short answer is yes, but listen to the episode to find out why! Hit that subscribe button, and rate this podcast. I would I love to hear your feedback and I want to continue to make every episode better. And if you haven't done so yet like me on facebook @roddrickjonesofficial and follow me on instagram at @roddrickjones. If you are looking to become a passive investor on a multifamily project or would like ask me a few questions visit rjonescapitalgroup.com to schedule a complimentary 15 min phone call
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