44 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

Mastering the Investor Mindset with Steven Pesavento

Our guests for today the host of the Investor Mind Mindset podcast and an active investor who curates commercial real estate investments for clients at VonFinch Capital. He has raised tens of millions of dollars, which has successfully cycled through multiple assets, beginning in a single-family. As an operator, Steven flipped over 200 houses in under three years prior to expanding into commercial to focus on building a business around working with his ideal client, successful high-income earners like himself who are investing to create flexibility and independence.Our guest is dedicated to understanding how we can think better, how we can do better, and how we can be better, better people, better business people, better operators.Let’s dive right in and learn from Steven Pesavento about making breakthroughs in our life. [00:01 – 8:18] Opening Segment We introduce our guest, Steven PesaventoSteven talks about his backgroundSteven give a short story of what not to do[8:19 – 18:42]  Valuing Freedom Of Time Over Cars, Houses And MoneySteven talks about getting clarityMoney is still a top priority Vision for success [18:43 – 37:30]  Getting Clear On That Impact Or The IntentionCar analogyLooking for your ideal clientBorrowing  beliefs from the experts[37:31 – 43:15] Closing SegmentFinal thoughtsSteven's book recommendations:Who Not HowThe Go-GiverTweetable Quotes:“I have learned is that mindset is not the answer to everything. Mindset is one component out of many, but it happens to be one that a lot of people end up screwing up” – Steven Pesavento“getting surrounded by other people who are passionate about their work” – Steven Pesavento“money was at the core of everything. And I kept thinking, well, if I just have more of that, everything's going to be better. But it wasn't it didn't solve all the problems” – Steven Pesavento“mindset is nothing more than the thoughts and beliefs that lead directly to the actions that you take and therefore the experiences or outcomes that you experience in your life. – Steven PesaventoConnect with Steven Pesavento! See the links below:Go to his LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, pages to connect with Steven Pesavento. Visit his Website, Podcast, and YouTube.
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