47 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Investing in Apartments as Both An Active and Passive Investors with Randy Langenderfer

Our guest for today has been investing in real estate since his first primary residence purchase of a duplex. He got his commercial real estate start as a private money lender in the remodeling of single-family homes in South Florida, Ohio and Texas with a combined market value in excess of $2.5M. . He invested in several assets as a limited partner and progressed into the general partner role. 

Let’s dive right in and learn from Randy Langenderfer on how to achieve our goals in real estate. 

[00:01 – 08:38] Opening Segment 

  • We introduce our guest, Randy Langenderfer
  • Randy talks about his background

[08:39 – 14:56] Using The First Deal To Your Advantage 

  • Randy talks about his experience in the multifamily space.
  • How to be cautious as a passive investor

[14:57 – 24:35] Finding Your Sweet Spot Of How You Want To Invest 

  • Randy shares his experiences as a multifamily investor and mentor
  • Discovering that there is a route to getting rich slowly but surely plan

[24:36 – 37:49] Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  • Being in the position to step away from your W2 income 
  • Understanding a minimum of four of the five levers as an LP

[37:50 – 47:51] Closing Segment

  • Randy's bad investing advise
  • Final thoughts
  • Randy's book recommendations:

Mastering the Market Cycle

The Most Important Thing

Tweetable Quotes:

“I teach a lot of students about being an active passive investor, be involved. Don't just take somebody, don't take somebody's word for it, analyze it, look at their underwriting assumptions” – Randy Langenderfer

“what really, really got my maybe not an aha moment, but really intrigued me was the nonrecourse debt” – Randy Langenderfer

"find your sweet spot and chase it. Don't let someone else define your sweet spot for you, whether that's passive or active or a combination" - Randy Langenderfer

"the difference between an investor investing and speculation and investor is one that takes a look, understands the risk and says go speculators, one who says, I've got 50 K in my pocket, I need to invest. I'm going to plop it down with Dan and Anthony because I like them." - Randy Langenderfer

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