86 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

Seeing Ghosts, Connecting with Spirit Guides + Owning Your Gifts with Psychic Medium Katie Surbek

Katie Surbeck is a Psychic Medium who uses her abilities to help people find comfort and clarity in any situation. Reading energy, situations and seeing spirits is something Katie has done her entire life - but also something she ignored for over 20 years. After a major spiritual awakening, she stumbled into the path of a psychic channeler who pointed out her gifts to her. Since then, Katie harnessed and strengthened her gifts of communication with Source, spirit guides, and passed loved ones. She uses these gifts to help deliver messages and guidance to those who need it.She shares about many psychic and spiritual experiences she’s had through her life including how she was able to connect deeply with her own spirit team. And she teaches us how to do the same thing!This was by far one of the most interesting conversations we’ve had on the show and you are inviting to listen in with an open mind and heart. Katie is deeply gifted and has so much to share and teach us all about the different dimension we are all living within. Be sure to listen all the way to the end because Katie has offered Mudlark listeners an incredible gift. Let’s go! We also talk about:The first time Katie ever saw a ghosts at age four How she never felt like she fit in as a child, always moving from home to homeHow she kept her seeing and feeling gifts to herself for 20 years out of fear of not being believedSpirit GuidesHow to connect with your Spirit GuidesSpirit BabiesThe power of listening to your intuition and gut feelings Stepping into confidence as a gifted person How to interpret when you’re hearing from your Spirit GuidesConnecting with loved ones who have passed The importance of skepticism in finding a psychic you can trustWhat Katie finds most rewarding about doing this workThe ghosts that lingers around Katie’s entire family The difference between Hollywood ghosts and realityPossession The importance of creating boundaries when you start working with the spirit realm Pendulums Dani’s spiritual experience using a pendulum at one of her women’s retreatsThe connection between empathy and intuitive gifts Reincarnation How she’s working to find more grounding in her day-to-day while living with this abilityAnd so much more!Links: Free Breath Work Meditation by Madison Rutledge  Connect with Katie:WebsiteInstagramBook a ReadingConnect with Dani:WebsiteInstagram
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