41 minutes | Sep 3, 2021

Loving + Honoring Yourself for Real

In today's solo episode Dani shares with you the profound shifts she's made in her life over the Summer and shares a candid, inside-peak into what working with her therapist has looked like. She talks about where she is with her mental health and shares a detailed explanation of the tools she's working with to integrate all of her therapeutic work.This episode is perfect for the person looking to connect with themselves on a deeper level. It's also a great peak into what therapy can look like if you've been craving support and even someone to help carry the load a little bit.Enjoy the show!Connect with Dani on InstagramResources:Come As You Are by Emily NegoskiQuestions to ask yourself:How am I speaking to myself? Out loud and internally?What does this situation or dynamic remind me of?Where in my life can I receive more support?What in my life feels off or heightened?How do I want my life to feel?Where I am looking for external validation?
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