62 minutes | Sep 1, 2021

Why Solo Vegas Trips Are Amazing, Are Sportsbook Fees Out Of Control & Travel Fanboy's Vegas Favorites

Episode Description On this week’s show Adam from Travel Fanboy joins us to discuss Vegas. We’ll discuss solo trips, some of the better deals and cooler places in Vegas plus his favorite places on the Strip and beyond. Join us to laugh and learn about your favorite city of sin!  Are you planning to come to our Vegas meetup on September 18? Fill out this form to let us know you'll be there! https://forms.gle/A422RPdFKpVFNEwAA Enjoy our content? Support the show by applying for credit cards and other products. Links can be found at http://www.mtmvegas.com Episode Guide 1:46 - TFB Newsletter 12:15 - Why TFB loves Vegas 15:50 - How travel to Vegas has evolved and changed 29:29 - Sportsbook fees out of control? 46:13 - Rapid fire questions with TFB About the Show Each week thousands of people tune into our MtM Vegas news show at YouTube.com/milestomemories. Now we bring you the MtM Vegas podcast where we can spend a little more time sharing our best Vegas info, tips, reviews and stories plus talk to some of the most interesting people in Vegas.  Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform! You can also connect with us anytime at podcast@milestomemories.com.  You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or by searching "MtM Vegas" or "Miles to Memories" in your favorite podcast app. Don't forget to check out our travel/miles/points podcast as well!
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