35 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Vegas Covid Developments & Mandates, Shortages Everywhere & New Coin Slots

Each week thousands of people tune into our MtM Vegas news show at YouTube.com/milestomemories. Now we bring you the MtM Vegas podcast where we can spend a little more time sharing our best Vegas info, tips, reviews and stories plus talk to some of the most interesting people in Vegas.  Episode Description There are quite a few new Covid developments in Las Vegas including a new mask mandate that doesn't quite go as far as what we have seen before. Will a full mask mandate return and should you continue planning your trip to Vegas? We'll fill you in on the latest. Plus dive into Shawn's Vegas backstory including why/how he travels so much, how he grew up with Vegas in his blood and why his perspective on Vegas is unique and fun. We also talk about new coin slots coming to the Strip, what Paris is replacing their Diamond lounge with and where the World Series of Poker is moving to.  Episode Guide 2:10 - Clark County mask mandate for some people - How it works 3:37 - Shawn's Vegas backstory - Why he knows and loves Vegas 12:00 - MtM Vegas News 12:40 - Are we going back to full mask mandates? 16:10 - Should you plan a Vegas trip with new Covid developments 19:45 - Finding stuff under the bed in dirty hotel rooms 21:15 - More coin slots coming to the Vegas Strip 23:17 - Paris Diamond/Laurel lounge is gone - What will replace it? 25:53 - World Series of Poker moving for 2022 - No more Rio 27:33 - Have we received comps from Resorts World? 30:01 - More unique “residency” shows coming to Vegas as things reopen Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform! You can also connect with us anytime at podcast@milestomemories.com.  You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or by searching "MtM Vegas" in your favorite podcast app.
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