62 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

Behind the Curtain of Vegas Entertainment & Casino Status Match Fun

Episode Description On this week's MtM Vegas Podcast Mark and Shawn are joined by Ryan Flanigan who is pulling back the curtain a bit into the entertainment world in Las Vegas. He has worked on a number of smaller shows in town (many concurrently) along with being a gondolier at the Venetian. He has a lot of cool insights into Vegas.  Plus we'll also talk status matches as a number of opportunities are available. Ryan just parlayed status into a free cruise and free nights at Wynn by matching in Atlantic City. We'll share the full details plus also go over Ryan's favorite hotels, restaurants and family activities in Vegas.  Episode Guide 1:38 - Status matching in Atlantic City 5:24 - Status matching in Las Vegas 10:32 - What is an entertainment “swing”? 14:34 - Spirit Air problems 19:24 - Entertainers on a cruise ship, what’s it like? 25:54 - Getting from cruise ships to a job in Las egas 32:12 - Doing Vegas shows 36:09 - The stress of working for a topless show 42:18 - Top jobs for Vegas entertainers 46:46 - Being an entertainer vs. a gondolier 51:01 - Rapid fire - Favorite Vegas..... About the Show Each week thousands of people tune into our MtM Vegas news show at YouTube.com/milestomemories. Now we bring you the MtM Vegas podcast where we can spend a little more time sharing our best Vegas info, tips, reviews and stories plus talk to some of the most interesting people in Vegas.  Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform! You can also connect with us anytime at podcast@milestomemories.com.  You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or by searching "MtM Vegas" or "Miles to Memories" in your favorite podcast app. Don't forget to check out our travel/miles/points podcast as well!
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