28 minutes | Jan 22, 2021

Teresa Rule "Teaching the Next Generation of CyberWarriors to Defend the Digital Universe"

Teresa is a woman who enjoys a good fight.  As a former Marine, she has seen the threats our country faces each day and when she neared retirement she wanted to keep up the good fight and prepared for a career in cybersecurity.

In launching PNT Professional Services with her husband, she put her aim on continuing the fight to protect our great nation.  Additionally, they wanted to create an opportunity for service veterans to gain the skills to start a post-military career in cybersecurity.

In our conversation today Teresa shares with us the training MSSP's should consider for their staff as they build their security practices.  In fact, Teresa is holding a virtual conference, The RNT Cyber Ethics Conference, bringing some of the top minds together for 20+ sessions over three days (Feb.16-18) for only $50!

A woman with many anecdotes around tales of cyber threats we focus in on a story of a modern day cattle heist.  The Wild, Wild West has gone Hi Tech.

Join us today for an action packed episode that will put you in a secure state of mind.

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