29 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Jamie D'Agostino Netology  "The Risk You Take When Going Outside Your Contract"

Jamie D’Agostino is the Founder and CEO of Netology, an MSP out of Stamford, CT. Having been in business for nearly two decades, Jamie is no stranger to the various types of specific and individual requests MSPs encounter. In this episode of MSP Business School, Jamie shares an example from his own life about the importance of setting defined boundaries with your clients.  1:50 – Jamie gives us some background on Netology and how they’ve operated for the past 18 years. He talks about the changes he’s seen in the industry, specifically around the conversations he’s had with potential clients in recent years, and gives us some insight into which partner vendors he sees the most referrals coming from.  7:28 – We talk about the changes the pandemic has had on Netology, including both the negative and positives impacts. Jamie shares that it was a very busy year for them, and that although several of their clients experienced downsizing, they weren’t too negatively affected because of the heavy load of projects they’ve been completing.  15:53 – Jamie tells us about an account he recently lost that had a major impact on his company. He lays out the difficulties they had with this particular client, sharing that the revenue wasn’t worth the amount of extra work they were being asked to do. Jamie and the hosts discuss the importance of boundary setting within a contract, and the even greater importance of keeping those boundaries.  21:14 – We wrap up the episode with a discussion about the parallels between client relationships and romantic relationships, and the telltale signs that a potential new client may not be the best fit. Jamie leaves us with a reminder to take it easy on ourselves, and urges us to remember that even though we’re coming out of the pandemic, it’s been a very tough year on everyone. 
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