28 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Dave Hodgdon, Portsmouth Computer Group "Engineering the Perfect Exit "

Dave Hodgdon is someone who truly believes that a company’s success – and therefore its owner’s eventual exit – relies on its people. As the president and founder of PCGIT, an MSP that he began in 1996, Dave has a unique exit strategy that exhibits his faith in his people, ensures his top employees remain with the company, and shows his commitment to making others successful.  1:08 – Dave gives us a quick background on Portsmouth Computer Group and how they slowly transformed over the years from a training company to an MSP, to eventually offering security.  7:09 – The guys ask Dave how his company has handled the work from home phenomenon over the past year, particularly when it comes to security. Dave details the difficulties they’ve encountered as well as the significant increase in the number of risk assessments they’ve conducted. He shares how his team has managed to maintain a sense of company culture while working remotely, and stresses the importance of fostering community in the workplace.  13:20 – Dave shares his incredibly unique, twofold exit and retention strategy. He explains why the venture capital route isn’t right for him and how he’s able to feel like he has more control over his legacy. Dave believes that treating your people like partners is the most surefire way to increase revenue and exponentially grow your company’s value.  20:00 – Dave digs into the details of how his plan works, clarifying some points and making it clear that with his approach, he and his people have skin in the game, and both sides end up winning.  In closing, Dave reminds us that giving the best client experience is the most important thing. He stresses that if there’s an issue that needs to be resolved, or you feel something is off, a phone call or a visit in person is far more effective than an email. 
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