29 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

Brian Doyle, vCIOToolbox "Why Strategic Account Management is Vital to MSP Success

Today we turn the tables and have our Co-Host Brian Doyle on the show to talk about the importance of the vCIO Role.  As the CEO and Co-Founder of vCIOToolbox, Brian works with MSP's globally to build strategic account management programs. These programs help the MSP keep the client informed, elevate their perception as a partner, and drive a technology roadmap that creates win/win outcomes for both the client and MSP.

In our discussion we talk about how MSP's often focus on client acquisition and service delivery.  Those are two key pillars in all service providers, but often overlook is a strong process of staying engaged with the client post-sale and on-boarding.

Brian talks about how MSP value is always equated to MRR, but one of the most overlooked steps for many MSP's is managing and controlling the client relationship.  Too many times, once on-boarded, the primary point of contact for the client is the helpdesk team. Thus the health of the relationship often is being guarded by your most junior employees.

We focus the discussion on what steps an MSP can take to grow closer to their client, maximize long-term value of each relationship, and create happier clients.

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