72 minutes | Jul 15, 2019

Mark Bradley: How to create a ‘Fan Experience' strategy


What do we mean by the ‘Fan Experience’?

Why they are obsessed with families and use them as a catalyst

The concept of “emotional loyalty” and how it benefits clubs - “We can’t treat away fans well, they are the enemy!”

Is football trying a lot harder now?

Why women’s football should not follow the example of men’s game

The problem of getting fans to reconnect

The basis of a fan engagement strategy

Answering the question: what makes your club distinct?

The principles: club meaning, fan experience, reaching the community

The pillars: why, focus and feedback

Explaining the Net Promoter - a standard tool in customer-facing businesses

A special social media KPI - what percentage of criticism is defended. Feedback as a catalyst for change

The importance of visibility from senior staff on matchday- The touchpoints in a fan experience strategy, Finding info/ticket purchases, Social media, The last mile of the journey, Retail/Merchandise, Food&Beverage, Experience inside stadium - stewards/concourses/entrances

Two things a clubs who no money could put right now for free

What is the role of a Supporters Liaison Officer? Having the resilience to deal with the intensity of fans

The ‘first game’ schemes in the English Football League

How to make eSports part of the matchday experience

The potential split between the top six chasing the Champions League and the need for great sustainability outside it

Why Mansfield Town have removed eSports from their matchday experience

A glaring gap – upcoming and coming ‘growth sports’ are dedicated to building a matchday experience, is football? Will it get left behind?

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