52 minutes | Jun 19, 2019

Bas Schnater: Starting a CRM ecosystem at a 'smaller' sports club


Moving from academia to the practical side of football

How they started their CRM system

Where the data was stored in the early days?

Connecting established and disparate databases

What conversations did you need to have internally

Narrowing down the scope of your CRM

The specific issue: how to arrest a fall in season ticket sales.


How do your message each segment correctly?

The relationship with the content teams

What other campaigns do you create

Who does the analysis?

Those ‘cheap early wins’ what were they?

What did not work?

When the critics jump and say: "look it won't work"

Demographics v sentiment segmentation

AZ's clustering campaign

The idea of promoting content, not just transactional campaigns

Using the fans for mutual benefit

How do you plan for scale?

What metrics prove success?

What about the influence of team performance?

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