27 minutes | Jul 27, 2019

1129 Dominque Swain, actress, Jon Keeyes, director, "Fall Down Dead" 2009

2009: The screaming goes on a little long because Dominique’s character, kindly coffee shop waitress Christie, was just attack twice, first by a homeless man, then by a man she believes—correctly—to be the Picasso Killer. She’s trying to get into a locked but lighted building. Unfortunately, the security guard on duty is played by the late and he does everything slowly. And the agonized woman outside his door doesn’t impress him at all. podcast excerpt: "When David Carradine got to the location, he said, 'I really want to play this guy like Inspector Clouseau.' Bumbling, dropping things, tripping over himself. And David is hysterical in it. And everybody responded the same way--we didn't realize he was sooo funny." For those who remember from her first starring role—as “Lolita” opposite —this is quite a departure. For one thing, she’s all grown up. And for another she’s really freaked out. Joining us today, in addition to Dominique, is the director of Fall Down Dead, . He is a veteran of indie including American Nightmare and Suburban Nightmare. Dominique Swain • • • • s • 
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