73 minutes | Oct 7, 2019

Episode Niner - The Flow: (Emotive Energy pt 3?)

** You can stream all of the music from this episode at www.mrhaircut.org/podcast **What do you get when you take the speed of a cheetah, the fearlessness of a wolverine and the chops of an old karate master, put those personifications into actual people, put those people together in a room and have them talk about subjects they have no business talking about? — Answers at the bottom of post.Russell Kelly joins John and Jon on this episode to talk about the Flow state, and if that’s a real thing and does it serve biscuits? They quickly stray from the subject and lose the thread of conversation completely, but the train wreck is fun to listen to in a tragic sort of way. In the midst of the rambling nonsense is interspersed some snippets of great progressive improv music though, so its worth listening to through the very end just for that.Answers: A. George Washington died in 1799 B. The square root of 512 is 22.627416998 C. Yes, it serves biscuitsJonathan Greene, drumsJohn Daniel Ray, bassRussell Kelly, guitarProduced by John Daniel Ray©2019 Mr. Haircut
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