32 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

Own Your Catalyst Superpowers - Virginia Hamilton

Join us for a conversation with Virginia Hamilton, Public Sector Innovation Catalyst who is former Regional Administrator at the US Department of Labor and advisor to the Obama Administration. Virginia is an experienced public policy expert who uses Design Thinking to improve policy. She is a change agent always searching for ways to involve more people, encourage creativity and bring truth to better lives. In this episode Virginia shares how at moments everyone can think she’s insane with her innovative ideas, but how at our heart Catalysts are problem solvers. She shares ways she has figured out how to fill up her energy tank, even in these times where travel and adventure are more limited. And she urges leaders to embrace Catalysts, providing them with constraints and thought partnership, rather than trying to tell them how to do their jobs. Hearing about trails Virginia has blazed can support us all on our own journeys!
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