19 minutes | Nov 24, 2020

Connection - Saidah Nash Carter

Join us for an interview with Saidah Nash Carter, Co-Founder of Bright Insights Global. Saidah launched her new venture after a distinguished 20-year career at Thomson Reuters, most recently as former Head of Innovation, Africa. We caught up with her in her new hometown, Cape Town, South Africa.  Saidah shares how General Colin Powell helped her realize her Catalyst nature early on – realizing that she thinks and works differently from others. He helped her articulate the importance of Noble Purpose in her life. Saidah discusses how relationships play a key role in successfully creating change. She explores the importance of compassion both for self and others as an antidote to frustration. She shares the tools and practices she has developed to help her reduce cycles of burnout. And for those managers of Catalysts, she has some great concrete advice. Saidah outlines her new venture, Bright Insights Global, which helps purpose driven companies to do better business through a prism of innovation, inclusion and impact.
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