136 minutes | Feb 26th 2015

The Being Dad Show - "Guest Andy Magness"

It's been a while and Ben catches up on what's been happening lately, talks about an upcoming coaching project with Coach Drew Edsall, and then chats with Andy Magness, who is the director of ENDracing in North Dakota and author of Ultra Mental. The discussion with Andy is filled with great insight, ideas, and thoughts about kids, endurance training, and overall living a mindful life.  


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About Ultra Mental:


"This book is not intended to replace training that works. It is not designed to argue that tried and true methods of preparing for endurance events should be abandoned. It does not describe a shortcut to fitness, nor does it suggest an easy route to success in ultra-endurance efforts. What it does do is build a case for an idea that application of consistent high intensity training can provide a level of fitness from which a mentally tough athlete can approach, succeed at, and enjoy endurance sports..." 






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