60 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

MW: Aprilia Starts Their MotoGP Search, Marc Marquez May Still Be In Trouble

Should someone have taken a chance on Aprilia? We talk about their situation as the MotoGP rider competition starts in Jerez. Plus...there could be some major drama ahead with Marc Marquez. We talk about the latest MotoGP News, along with your comments on the show!

The Rundown:

- MotoGP News:
- Should Joe Roberts have taken the Aprilia ride?
- Aprilia starts their MotoGP competition with a private test in Jerez
- Was it really the worst season of Maverick Vinales’ career? He thinks so
- 2020 Crash stats! Who hit the deck the most?
- Monster Energy will sponsor Suzuki for 2021 - what does that mean for Yamaha?
- Your Comments:
- The Marc Marquez Mystery - could he be out longer? Could we see a surprise replacement?
- Aprilia’s rider competition
- Tech3’s sponsorship (or lack thereof) next season
- The Moto3 Championship - was I too hard on one of the contenders?
- Suzuki’s prospects for next year, and what direction they should be headed
- Other comments, Pics and Video
- Motoweek Awards update

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