59 minutes | Mar 1, 2020

80: Linh Podetti - No One Can Rescue You Apart From Yourself

Linh Podetti is an outsourcing expert, wife, mother, and owner of the internationally recognized outsourcing business called Outsourcing Angel. Linh Podetti was born in Vietnam and moved to Australia when she was nine years old. It was a tough childhood growing up as Linh struggled to get along with her strict parents, which led her to run away from home multiple times, becoming pregnant at the age of 19, and raising her baby alone as a single mum for many years. However Linh did not let adversity get in the way, she fought through her struggles and was able to eventually achieve success in all areas of life from the relationship, finance, health, and business. Linh Podetti now has a team of over 80 around the world. She also manages several other online businesses including an animation video production business called Monkey Video Production and a digital agency called Red & Black Solutions. The success and freedom provided by her businesses have also enabled Linh to focus on her passion for philanthropy. What sets her businesses apart is their commitment to reinvest profits to provide food supplies and job opportunities for people in developing countries – starting with the Philippines. Linh Podetti now lives in Sydney with her three kids and husband Phillip, who is also another successful entrepreneur. Learn about Linh Podetti and her venture on www.linktr.ee/linhpod Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here www.linktr.ee/kareenmills --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support
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