67 minutes | Oct 20, 2019

74: Abbey McKenna - If You're Stuck, Just Look At Your Kids

Abbey McKenna is a Co-founder and Chief Editor at Ready Set Mom.  She’s also a Joint Director of a reduced impact Mining and Rehabilitation Company....totally an industry that belongs way on the other side of the spectrum. She was born and raised in Australia and currently living in Bali, Indonesia, a kick-ass mum of 2 amazing daughters, addicted to 80’s rock, creating real content and impacting the world (in no particular order). She has been a partnered mom, a single mom, a stay at home mom, a couch hoping mom, a stepmom, an entrepreneurial mom, and a business mom.  She spent many years trying to be the perfect person, friend, and employee. Until one day, the BS of mediocre and normal became too much for her and she reached her ‘explosion’ moment. She refused to hand over an earth that was being broken and not do anything about it. She couldn’t sit back and show her kids the way to live a miserable and average life.. she realized that if she wanted her kids to be awesome... she had to make herself awesome first. Spending many months, money and moments exploring what she wanted to do; Learning and working with some of the best professionals in the online and personal development industry; Building a coaching system to transform the brains of other women to also break out of the ‘way life just is’ and create the life they want... she is now off on a new venture. She is on a mission to impact the world by helping restore it to the way nature intended and by providing moms from all over the world with real and valuable resources to be the best moms they can be. Learn more about Abbey McKenna at https://theparentingco.com/ or on her Instagram @abundant.abbey Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here www.linktr.ee/kareenmills --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support
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