57 minutes | May 31, 2021

97: Ben Rabidoux on how Housing defied the worst economic downturn in history

What explains the meteoric rise in Canadian home prices off of a backdrop of 3 million jobs initially lost back in early 2020 with many businesses forced to be shut down and with lockdown, after lockdown? Well if there’s one person who can help answer that question, you know it’s Ben Rabidoux. He’s going to dive deep into a number of factors that, taken together, may help you figure out what’s been happening. Here’s just a sample of the topics we cover in this episode: Most of the people who lost their jobs weren’t in a position to buy in the first placeThose who were, tended to see their financial situations improve during the pandemicLower interest rates have further increased debt servicing abilityPopulation dynamics negatively affected the rental market more than the resale marketChanging consumer preferences, and so much more. Grab your popcorn, because Ben Rabidoux is going to enlighten and entertain you in this episode of Mostly Money.Ben Rabidoux is the President of North Cove Advisors, a Canadian research firm that works exclusively with institutional investors around the world, by providing coverage of Canadian housing, macroeconomic and household credit trends. He has also just launched a new firm, Edge Realty Analytics, that provides market intelligence to real estate industry professionals. You can learn more at EdgeAnalytics.ca.LINKSTwitter: https://twitter.com/BenRabidouxEdge Realty Analytics: https://edgeanalytics.ca/North Cove Advisors: https://northcove.net/
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