56 minutes | Dec 14, 2019

Park Hockey's Mike Shauger's Journey Through Injury Back to the Ice

In this episode, George Muha interviews Hanover Park hockey and lacrosse player Michael Shauger who talks about his athletic journey and his recent recovery from injury. With him on the podcast are Professional Physical Therapy and Training's Matthew Riordan and Jay Rosania who talk first hand about Shauger's resiliency through his physical therapy journey. Shauger went to Professional Physical Therapy and Training for low back pain, bilateral hip tightness and pain, and right shoulder pain (possible SLAP lesion). He initially complained of his lower back and hips constantly feeling tight and painful, noting achy pain and tension on a daily basis. His goals are to resolve his low back pain, loosen up his hips, and return to ice hockey without pain or discomfort. He attended other physical therapy facilities but found that he was not getting the care and individualized attention that he found at Professional Physical and Training and he sites how the difference in care made all the difference in the world.
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