54 minutes | Dec 24, 2019

2019 All Morris Sussex Sports Football Team

Every year, Morris Sussex Sports publishes it’s postseason football awards as a way to honor all of the players and memorialize the season that just was. Early on, we would affectionately call this team the “All Unruly Team” and some people still refer to these awards as that. Officially the All Morris Sussex Team, this is our way to tip our cap to the players, coaches, cheerleaders, fans, parents, marching band members and families that have dedicated themselves to this year. The writers at Morris Sussex Sports have poured over video, talked to coaches, compared statistics and read all of our game notes to come up with who we felt deserved recognition. And although we are distinguishing certain athletes with different honors, we recognize that every football deserves a nod. We know that there are players that stuck it out for four years and because their number was wasn’t called, they never stepped onto the varsity field. And although they may not be recognized by in the All Morris Sussex Sports Team, they are just as much of a gladiator as the leading scorer on their team. With that said, we hope every Morris-Sussex football player takes pride in their fellow teammates that are recognized in the 2019 All Morris Sussex Sports Team.
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