94 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

26: Bad Ass Mamita

We are honored to be joined by Chrissie Fire Mane, founder of The MANA Movement and Project Angel, and leader healer on the TBS series Lost Resort. We discuss her time on the Lost Resort, her Manifestrix course, and her recently launched Project Angel, providing emotional and spiritual rehabilitation for survivors of human trafficking. We also discuss her time working with the Q’ero Wisdom Keepers of the Andes.So excited to share this one! Chrissie is a powerful force of healing on this earth and we can’t wait for you to listen ✨More About Chrissie:Chrissie Fire Mane is the powerhouse founder of The MANA Movement. Named 'chaqaruna' or Bridge-Person by the Q'ero, Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, Chrissie's passion is activating and rewilding humanity with modern and indigenous wisdom, literally bridging people to greater awareness of themselves. A mother, shamanic psychotherapist, freedom pioneer, musician, poet and New Earth visionary, Chrissie draws from conscious motherhood and indigenous tradition to inspire her community back to the natural Truth of things.
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