76 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

20: The Divine Assembly

We are joined by the one and only, Steve Urquhart, former Utah Legislature and founder of The Divine Assembly (a magic mushroom church).

Steve shares his fascinating journey of healing following the loss of his faith in the Mormon religion through the use of plant medicine. He also shares his vision for the future of The Divine Assembly.

We discuss so many great topics, including:

  • His time in the Utah legislature advocating for LGBTQ+ rights
  • The mycelium making connections and seeking for the sickness
  • The Decriminalize Nature movement
  • Mushrooms as a sacrament
  • Codependency and enmeshment in Mormon marriages
  • Arrested development / Pathological adolescence
  • Seeing your soul
  • Sex is connection
  • Making friends with the Beast inside you
  • Fungi mining the death and decay of the Mormon religion
  • The Divine Assembly, psilocybin mushrooms as a healing sacrament 

Steve is an amazing being. He is so open, raw and vulnerable in expressing his story that it's impossible not  to come away moved and transformed. We can't wait to witness where The Divine Assembly grows from here.


About The Divine Assembly:
The Divine Assembly believes in the divine power of responsible psilocybin use. The purpose of the Divine Assembly is to connect people, protect the responsible and religious use of psilocybin, and cultivate health and healing.

Website: https://www.thedivineassembly.org/
Instagram: @mushroomsacrament
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDivineAssembly/

More about Steve:
Steve Urquhart currently teaches at the University of Utah medical school and practices law. He was a member of the Utah Legislature for 16 years (8 House / 8 Senate).

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