108 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

19: A Mormon, a Drag Queen, and a Pole Dancer Walk Up to a Bar

We are joined by guest Kaycee:

Following the birth of her daughter, Kaycee's faith crisis sent her on a journey to heal from her Mormon upbringing through cannabis, pole fitness, therapy, reconnection to her intuition, and eventually psilocybin mushrooms. 

Along the way we discuss:

  • Intuition vs. "The Spirit"
  • Levi-lovin'
  • Trying weed for the first time as a believing Mormon
  • Post-partum depression / anxiety
  • Pole fitness / dancing
  • Reconnecting with our bodies and our sensuality
  • And much more....

Kaycee is articulate, hilarious and wise beyond her years.  Her story will resonate with so many. Enjoy!

Follow Kaycee:
Instagram:  @kaycee_zerogravity 

For more info regarding her virtual pole fitness classes, email Kaycee at fitnesswithkaycee@gmail.com

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