102 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

18: God Bless the Weirdos

We are so excited joined by the fiery, earthy, lovely Ashley Erb as we discuss everything from past lives, to Harry Potter, to tantric sex ️.....

Ashley shares her journey out of Mormonism. Soon after leaving the church, a spontaneous kundalini awakening launched her into a magical world of tarot cards, past life regressions, astrology and more.....

We discuss topics, such as:

  • Past lives
  • Akashic records
  • Soul contracts
  • Wim Hof Breathing technique
  • Pleasure for the sake of pleasure
  • Tantric sex
  • Making love to yourself 
  • "The Post-Mo Glow"

Such a fantastic discussion! Enjoy

About Ashley
Cosmic traveler and reader of past lives and tarot. Book a session with her to dive into your personal cosmic record. Ashley resides in Orem, UT but is also available for virtual/remote readings.

Instagram:  @thespacewitch217 

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