93 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

17: Empathic Escapism

Tess rejoins the podcast to discuss what she terms as "Empathic Escapism", where we use our empathy as a way to avoid our own experiences. As empathic beings, we can often fall into the trap of needlessly taking on the pain of other people or wallowing in the sorrows of humanity, instead of simply being present and holding space for them.

Along the way, we discuss:

  • Sobriety is a high of its own
  • Toad medicine
  • The Weeping Buddha 
  • God as the King of Germany and the Inventor of Short Pants
  • Duality, or both?

As always, Tess is so wise, charming and eloquent. We had so much fun recording this one. Enjoy!

Featured artwork "A Mid Summer Night's Trip" by MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman). Check out more of his work at mearone.com  or on instagram @mear_one

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