58 minutes | Mar 15, 2022

From Homeless to Multi-Family Millionaire with Alfonso Cuadra

Alfonso Cuadra is our latest guest on our podcast!

Alfonso is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, author of the 2012 book From the Ground Up!, success coach, and philanthropist who has been seen in Readers Digest, Ottawa Sun, Vancouver Sun, Rogers TV, New York Times and many more. Born in El Salvador during the revolution, his mother, the head of the newspaper, was arrested for reporting the truth to all about the corrupt government in power. After escaping to Canada and being raised in poverty, at 17 years old, he started a small company that quickly grew to multiple locations across Canada.

Listen to Episode 19 today to learn more about these topics...

- Do you have the passion to become a Real Estate Investor?

- Lessons learned over decades of investing

- The importance of sharing knowledge and wealth with others

and much more!

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