36 minutes | Jun 7, 2022

Designing the Life That You Desire Through the Power of Real Estate with Gary Hibbert

Our guest today is Gary Hibbert, Gary is a full-time real estate investor, award-winning real estate agent, author, and educator. He launched Smart Home Choice to allow future investors to make informed decisions in their investing strategies. He is also the owner of a private investment company called Deep Pockets and most recently has joined in a partnership of ownership of a real estate brokerage; Our Neighbourhood Realty. 

Gary attributes his success to his focus on improving his mindset, rather than improving his skills and most importantly discovering his “why”. He is also dedicated to helping others realise their “why”, because that is the realisation that led Gary to where he is today. 


Listen today to learn more about these talking points.

- Real Estate Investing in 2008

- Why do people decide to invest in Real Estate?

- How to raise capital to invest?

- Geographical freedom vs Financial freedom


and many more!

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