41 minutes | Sep 27, 2021

Creating a Thriving Career in REI with Cottage Rentals & JV's with Sarah Larbi | S01E07

If you have a passion for real estate investing, Sarah Larbi is one of the names that will frequently pop up in industry seminars, conventions, and podcasts. She is everywhere! So, when I got the chance to have her as a guest in today's episode of More to Life, it was an opportunity I knew I couldn't miss! Sarah bought her first real estate investment at the age of 29, and just recently, even during the time of crisis, she left her corporate job to become a full-time investor, coach, mentor, and podcast host. She was doing all of these as she helps new investors through The REITE Club, which she co-founded in 2016. Currently, she is expanding her portfolio with cottage and resort development through multiple joint ventures. Listen to this episode and make sure that you take notes because there will be a lot to learn from this rising superstar. Discussion Points: Sarah's inspiration and motivations that drove her to real estate investing Sarah's take on having a coach or a mentor Managing time, handling failures, and holding on to your goals The story of The REITE Club, its purpose, and future plans To Joint Venture or not?
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