27 minutes | Jul 26, 2019

Targeted Therapies, Biologics and Biosimilars for Breast Cancer Treatment - Dr. Keith Knutson

We are getting more and more sophisticated in determining the types of breast cancer tumors and how they act in the body.  Dr. Knutson and his team at the Mayo clinic are working to discover how biologics play an important role with targeted therapies.Dr. Knutson is internationally recognized in the field of cancer immunology. His research focuses on the immunology and immunotherapy of breast and ovarian cancers, both the basic immunobiology and clinical translation, including clinical trials. His contributions to science include clinical development and testing of self-tumor antigen-specific vaccines in patients with breast and ovarian cancers. He currently has three FDA-approved vaccine trials underway and is principal investigator of 3 Department of Defense grants to test vaccines aimed at preventing recurrence in breast cancer, including triple negative breast cancer for which there are no targeted therapies. Thanks to Amen Oncology and Merck for making this podcast possible.
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