34 minutes | Dec 8th 2017

Banking on Values with GABV and Sunrise Bank

In this episode, from their headquarters in Netherlands, Dawn Carpenter talks with David Korslund with The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) about using finance to deliver sustainable, economic, social and environmental development throughout the world. As a member bank in the GABV alliance, Sunrise Bank CEO, David Reiling, explains how compassion is the bank’s motivation. The financial institutions discussed in this episode are institutions with some of the most sophisticated and innovative capital stacks in the business. Listen to this episode and be inspired by bankers who are using their talent for social good.


Key takeaways:

[2:16] How and why the GABV was developed.

[3:48] How did banks from multiple countries find a common ground?

[4:48] Six principles underlying these various models.

[7:52] What are some of the challenges that these banks face?

[8:57] Financial and human capital.

[9:27] Changes seen since the founding of the Alliance.

[11:28] Leadership Academy.

[12:51] Future of the Alliance.

[17:20] How Sunrise Bank got started.

[19:13] Two branches of Sunrise Bank.

[19:53] Unique organization structure.

[21:15] The meaning of BCorp certification.

[22:05] Sunrise Bank employees.

[25:21] What is “Caring Cultural Achievement”?

[27:53] Specific impact products.

[30:44] Innovative projects in the New Market Tax Credit area.



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Sunrise Bank

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