40 minutes | Oct 22, 2019

How to make your fitness and wellbeing a priority (and why you should)

Introducing Heather of ‘Health and Fitness for Mums’ this month’s guest on the More Mojo podcast. As mums we can easily find ourselves putting everyone else's needs before our own but Heather is here to help us change that. I asked Heather what the number one thing is that she would like to share it with other mums. Her answer “Essentially how to look after themselves better - doing more exercise, eating healthier all that stuff - it doesn't start with squats and kale, it starts with making space. It starts with letting go of all the superfluous things in their lives that aren't serving them. Learning to say no to societal pressure to have it all, and yes to their own intuition that knows that the true path to happiness is through a stronger relationship with themselves, their family and their community!” Yes ladies this is a good one. In this podcast we talk about mum guilt and what to do about it, why looking after your own health goes waaaay beyond being a better mum, how to get on board with the do less movement and so much more. You are invited to join Heathet’s free fb community, Heather’s Health Hub, a refuge from the pressure of modern mum life and a place to share ideas, inspiration with like minded mums who want to slow down, re-think their priorities and enjoy life more. Plus you'll find simple home workouts and lifestyle tips to keep your energy up when times get tough. www.facebook.com/groups/249042195884836 http://www.heatherkeats.co.uk Instagram https://instagram.com/heatherkeatsfitnessformums?igshid=xu19gjycr09m https://www.facebook.com/heatherkeatshealthandfitness/ If you'd like to find out more about Heather's online or in person fitness and wellness coaching, just send her a message to book a free call. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/moremojoformums/message
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