47 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

Episode 21- Marco Carillo and DACA (The Dream Act)

Marco Carillo tells the story of his family coming to this country from Mexico, coming to this country at 10 years old, enrolling in DACA years later, what DACA means to him and much more! We go over some of the income and revenue that is generated by DACA participants and why it absolutely makes no sense why the government would be refusing to keep DACA alive as a program, or try to twist the story to fit a narrative that really does not exist. This is a heavy episode with a follow up coming next week! Thanks for tuning in!Follow: @morementaldays@biscuit_joiner -Marco (Please shoot him a message if you like the show)@xarmywives intro@_brothergabriel_ outroHit me direct @stopandgoemaat for anything and everything!
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