125 minutes | Oct 14th 2019

Day 8- Eli Harrison and Near Death Experiences (ft. Nate Christianson and Colby Sherbafi)

A continuation of episode 7. The intensive and very detail oriented story of the conclusion of Eli's Marine endeavors. Episode drop ins and outs brought together the masses to hear this one. Some fun, some serious, some viewer discretion this one gets a bit heavy. Fun way to cap this story and hopefully you all get something out of it as well. Big thanks to Eli Harrison and to the rest of the people that support our military. I can easily say I've learned a ton through this continued conversation.Intro music- My Aim is True "That John Denver is Full of Shit" (Spotify)Outro- Army Wives " Twenty Four Karat"Thoughts, questions, concerns, compliments, name calling, banter, ideas, life hacks hit me @morementaldays 
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