70 minutes | Oct 13th 2019

Day 7- Eli Harrison Pt. 2- School of Infantry and Fleet

Eli Harrison is back to the studio to continue our conversation about his experience in the marines. Episode 7 touches upon the school of infantry, his position as a mortar man, tough guy stuff, troop fuck fuck games and much more! Episode 8 is a direct continuation that gets to the nitty gritty of his experience and we continue the conversation with Colby Sherbafi and Nate Christianson as co hosts. I really enjoyed this conversation in both parts and learned a ton! Episode available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean and Stitcher. Intro song My Aim is True- "That John Denver is Full of Shit", outro song Brother Gabriel- "Notre Dame". Hit me on instagram @morementaldays/ send emails and comments to morementaldays@gmail.com. Thanks to all!!!!!
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